I have spent a great weekend in Nadiža with some Extraordinary people.

NadizaThese people are just Extraordinary. They don’t have University degrees, they don’t lecture about life, they don’t intervene with your doings, they don’t try to persuade you into what they think it’s right. They just have an extraordinary sense of caring. Their energy flows – problem of one person is not hidden from others, it is shared without prejudice. They love the nature and respect it without telling others that this is what they do. They just do it. They don’t try to persuade you to do what they do. If you are ready to see you are blessed with so many gifts carried by them.


They don’t think that they are special which makes them so special.
They don’t think that they posses powers of channeling energy which makes them strong channels.
Each of them has a story on their own – and together, they have a story of community.

I am grateful to be accepted by them. For with them I am at peace.

No philosophy. Just simplicity.