photoI don’t know how to write blogs. I never wrote anything apart from a diary when I was fifteen years old and it wasn’t any good. But I’ve heard that writing makes you organize your thoughts and puts them into reality. This gives you a chance to see them from a different perspective. It is healthy to write like it is healthy to paint or do any kind of creative work that comes from within.

The combination of circumstances brought me in front of this challenge; my friend T. thought of a name EviSense and made a logo for me as a gift, and my girlfriend Urška opened a blog and actually made me do it.

What is EviSense or who am I through the eyes of a person who loves me dearly, is best explained in his original words:

“I proudly present the new logo of EviSense™:


This is a distinct and unique logo proposal for you and I am very exited to receive your comments. First some background.

Brand anatomy:

The new EviSense logo represents the DNA of the brand owner who is confident, professional, sensual, passionate, open and creative.

The logo has sort of a “ying-yang” momentum because it merges evidence (left brain) and sense (right brain). It is inviting, informal and indicates a community/social/professional network attached which is expressed by the sub-line “& Yoga”.

The psychology of the purple color communicates intuition, non-traditional thinking, sixth sense, adventure, experiments, spiritual freedom, instinct. The black in “Sense” communicates elegance, neutrality, mystery, abstract.
The typography merges 
“Evi” and “Sense” and make it one.

I love you.


It’s not about trying to be the best because that is what you are, if you are simply yourself.