Buddhism, Yoga & Meditation Seminar - Lvov, Ukraine

The workshops were designed for the employees of software development company, Symphony Solutions.


A Company with a Yoga hall

Symphony Solutions is a software development company with a 200 employees – an average age of 25 years.  It is run and owned by a Dutch owner Theo who cares about holistic approach to the development of his colleagues, including their spiritual growth.

If you are expecting Ukrainian atmosphere when entering the company premises you are for a big surprise: the Dutch windmill welcomes you right at the door, followed by a traditional Dutch decor. Moreover, the company provides conditions through yoga room, yoga teachers and related workshops. Employees came in contact with meditation before and asked their employer to proceed with the teachings.

Length of the seminar/workshops: 3 days


  • Frans Goetghebeur, a renowned writer and speaker on topics of Buddhism in the West and former president of Institute of Buddhism in Brussels 
  • Eva Debevec, Yoga and meditation teacher

I do hope that many companies will follow such initiatives in the future.




Once again, she came to visit me,
Out of nowhere, out of the blue
Lady in black
Black eyed angel of the darkness
As a gentle transparent line of invisible smoke She invades me and before I can say ‘Hello’ She speaks through my mouth…

(Excerpt from the poem Nostalgia, 2015)


Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 6.10.32 PM

Frans Goetghebeur

Illustration: Katja Gaspari Leben