Native American Indian Tim Sikyea

The event took place in Kino Šiška on 4 November 2012.

Tim Sikyea in Kino Šiška

Event organisation & promotion / Organizacija in promocija dogodka

Tim Sikyea or Wambli Ishinela (Solitary Eagle), originally from the Dog Rib tribe, is native American healer from the North-West Canada. Today, he lives in Nurmberg, Germany. His life is full of amazing experiences. He started as a fashion designer, played side roles in the movies but he dedicated the greater part of his life to raise awarness of the importance of our relationship with Mother Earth.

He has been visiting Slovenia for 17 years. Tim is conducting traditional native American indian rituals in Bela Krajina such as Sweat Lodges, Vision Quests, Earth Dances and others.

In association with the Community Organisation WellBe we have financed, organized and promoted the “talk” in kino Šiška with Tim Sikyea and 7 drummers. Tim spoke about his interesting life experiences, presented some of his traditional believes and touched us with traditional native american songs. For more information about Tim read the interview here.

Open your heart and open your mind. Then, everything is possible. “God” is pure love and it has nothing to do with punishment or judgment.

Foto Jernej Leben (9)

Tim Sikyea